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The demands for electric power, which constitutes the key to realizing an abundant lifestyle, are continuously increasing, and plans for the construction of new power plants are being drawn up throughout the world. Along with this, the needs for turbine blades are also steadily increasing, so we are also actively enhancing our production facilities. We are carrying out investment in facilities with emphasis on the machining center which is essential for accurate cutting.
Generally, for cutting 3-dimensional curved surfaces a 5-axis machining center is used. We at NAGAISEIKI have established machining technology that enables this cutting work to be done using a 4-axis control machine, in consideration of the rigidity of the machine. By adopting facilities centered on 4-axis control machines, the various demerits that occur due to the rigidity falling when the number of axes is increased are eliminated.

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561-23 Kamitoyooka-machi, Takasaki-shi, Gumma-ken, 370-0871 JAPAN