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Electric power is required throughout the world as a lifeline for a bountiful and comfortable lifestyle, and also as the basis of economic development. NAGAISEIKI is a specialist manufacturer of turbine blades which are important parts of generating facilities used for generating electric power. Along with the advances in technology, we are aspiring to become an engineering group that can make the world a more abundant place by supplying to our customers high quality, precision turbine blades that can realize more efficient generating facilities.
To this end, the entire corporation is promoting T.T.T. management based on human resources. Each and every employee carries out his or her work cheerfully, resulting in top class work which generates top profits and realizes top working conditions, leading to customer satisfaction. Furthermore, because we are of service to our customers, we ourselves become large-hearted.
Not being content to rest on our laurels, all of our employees will pool their expertise and wisdom and continue to make improvements each day, aiming at realizing even better products.
561-23 Kamitoyooka-machi, Takasaki-shi, Gumma-ken, 370-0871 JAPAN