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Our mainstay products are turbine blades for nuclear power plants and thermal power plants. Turbine blades are important parts which convert energy in the form of high temperature, high pressure steam or gas, for example, into rotational motion in order to generate electricity. Backed by our excellent technology, we specialize in the manufacture of small and medium blades which are required to be of particularly high quality and accuracy. We supply our products to Japanese and South-Korean main heavy electrical equipment manufacturers, and they are currently in use in nuclear power plants and thermal power plants throughout the world.
In recent years, we have been utilizing our machining technology developed through the manufacturer of our turbine blades in a steadily increasing range of applications including blades of turbochargers for raising the efficiency of marine engines, turbine blades for turbine ships, and blades of blowers used for blast furnaces.

Replacement Turbine Blades

When you don't have any original drawings and specifications, we can reverse engineer replacement blades that meet the specifications and requirements of your original blades. We can analysis the materials and make the CAD data by 3D-Digitizer.

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